Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just Getting Started

I love doing crafts. After my sister's mission, I made her a scrapbook. I had enough supplies at the end to start a craft box, which I put in my closet. Then I made a Christmas wreath, and it became two boxes. I got married, and all the leftover pearls, ribbon, and glass rocks were organized into a small room. My collection of glue, scrapbook paper, stickers, beads, stencils, markers, canvases, fabric, etc. has now become this:
I love my craft room. I'm very fortunate to have this small extra room in my house, but there are other cute ways to organize craft supplies, if you can spare a closet. Maybe more on that another time. My craft room grew, and soon I was making lots of stuff, but nowhere to keep all the cute stuff I made. Then came pinterest. I found lots of other great blogs through pinterest and tons of new ideas, but I realized I had my own ideas, so I started a new blog. I am not great at updating, but I'm ready to get started.

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