Monday, April 15, 2013

Bathroom Remodel

My sister, Amy, is really, really good at decorating. She did most of the decorating for my wedding:

And another view:

And, unfortunately, I don't have pictures, but you should have seen what she has been able to do with the houses she's lived in.

You can see some of her cute crafty ideas, too, here.

Lucky for me, since she has been part of my life, I've had her help in some of the rooms in my house. She helped me paint the laundry room (a charming yellow with deocrative ornaments hanging from the ceiling, new drawer knobs, and a much prettier light), the craft room (dark and light pink stripes, purple floor tiles, and, again, a nice light), and my bathroom.

This was not recent, but I wanted to share it because it's so cute. And here's the best part: it cost $200 and was done in 2 days. This was BEFORE we had children.

These pictures are mid-process, so just picture plain white walls. Since the budget was $200, there wasn't much I could do about the counter tops or tub.

Amy suggested orange and pink, and I admit I was skeptical. But I trust her, and she went to the paint store to help me pick out paint. We chose a basic pink, and pastel orange, and a very pale pink (it looks more white) for the walls:

Isn't she cute?

We also chose faux wood linoleum tiles:

Everyone else I told the color scheme to was also skeptical, so no one was allowed to see it until we were done:

Amy and her dog, Max, showing off the new floor. Amy also made some silk flower arrangements in pink glass vases and a bowl of decorative balls.

This corner shows the three colors. Again, the bottom color is a pale pink.

I found a cute white framed mirror at Ross for very cheap. It's still holding up great. More of Amy's decorations, including a box from Michael's that just happened to match, where I keep things like contact solution and fluoride rinse.

The complete magazine rack. This was done by gluing scrapbook paper, since we couldn't find contact paper to match.

Family artwork. This one was done by my mom.

Amy did this one.

We also painted the base boards, door and cupboards in lieu of replacing them. Since then I have added a rack that holds my hair dryer, straightener and curling iron, a set of 3 small drawers and 2 larger shelves for supplies and decorations. I also found a small chandelier for $40 at an antique store that now hangs from the ceiling (but doesn't quite give off enough light for every day use).

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